Pageup helps brands leverage technology to express themselves and connect with consumers.

The studio was founded in 2011 with the belief that blending art and technology would yield the most meaningful and enduring interactive experiences. Since day one we have embraced this formula and baked it into our culture.


Web design and development

Our team takes the time to work closely with your brand to create a model of output that promotes what you do. We know that you have put hard work into your brand; in turn, we put hard work into your brand, as well.

Mobile apps

We pride ourselves to fully understand that the face of your design is important as the brand, and want to promote that in all of your efforts, through both the web and applications.

Graphic design

Need a professionally designed logo, leaflet, brochure, advertisement, poster, newsletter, magazine, postcard, business card or menu? Then you've come to the right place! We offer a bespoke or complete marketing package and can help you get the results you want.


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Pepsaha for Android
Multiplayer rock paper scissors game for Android.

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Orthografoulis for Android
Game for Android: Spelling for Greek Language (first grade).

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E-shop for Rhodesign, a special category of projects by rho team.

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Website for "Caja Secreta", a music and dance group that derives its inspiration from the art of flamenco.

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Website for the company "Stirixis Techniki".

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Web platform for companies that have to publish their financial data, balance etc.

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Website for the traditional afantou beach house on the beach of Kolympia, Rhodes.

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Website for the traditional "Villa Athena" on the popular beach of Peukos, Rhodes.

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Website for Yoga Club Rhodes

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Website for the magnificent "villa Fenia" on the amazing beach of Gennadi, Rhodes.

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E-shop for the Piaggio dealer at Rhodes, Greece.

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Modifications for the website igostartup.com, an online service, which provides consulting services to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business.


Pageup is an interactive design studio formed in 2011. We approach every project with enthusiasm and an ambition to create something memorable, beautiful and useful. We believe that technology should aid the user, and our aim is to bring a human touch to the digital world. Our creations have a sense of traditional craft about it; handmade, sculpted, drawn and animated visual assets are often used, resulting in bespoke charm.

With experience in designing websites, we now apply our expertise in interaction design to games, installations, mobile and apps, integrating social media where appropriate. We love exploring and playing with new technologies, sometimes resulting in fully-fleshed pieces of work. These self-initiated projects are very important to us as they provide a platform for innovation and learning, and ultimately enhance our client work.


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